Foot Massage is again an ancient scientific art, which uses the theory that are zones and “reflex” arrears in the feet, also known as the nerve endings which represent and correspond to specific organs and glands throughout the body.

Directly under the skin is a widespread network of nerves which receive and pass on the impulse to and from the organs, the foot is a map of the body.

Thai foot massage involves a therapeutic massage of the lower legs and feet and using a stick, thumb and fingers to stimulate reflex points on the feet.

The results is stress reduction, it enhances the flow of oxygen to the cells which increases the body’s energy flow helping organs to function more effectively and returning to a state of balance.

Thai foot massage and Traditional full body massage compliment each other to provide a holistic treatment to balance the mind and body and promote health and well-being.

Benefits include;

Alleviation of physical and emotional tension.

Relaxation of muscles and improved flexibility.

Relief from general muscular aches and pain.

Muscle skeletal realignment.

Aid the body’s natural ability to detox by improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system to enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrition and eliminate waste.